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We also provide a wide selection of sake, shochu, wine, tea and other beverages to pair perfectly with your food.

FOOD NIPPON 2019 “Osaka – Part 1” Special Dinner Course

from July 1st to August 3rd

FOOD NIPPON 2019 “Osaka – Part 1” Special Dinner Course
Fresh Senshu eggplant topped with shrimp sauce / Whale meat soup with crunchy mizuna / Taste Palette of Osaka /
Hamo pike eel cutlet / Assorted Naniwa vegetables / Grilled trio: Saikyo miso butterfish, Kawachi duck, Hansuke Tofu with eel /
Chilled udon with shredded kombu / Poppyseed mochi


  • Cold pureed corn soup

  • Chargrilled unagi eel and cucumber
    with tosazu vinegar jelly

  • Giant Pacific octopus and summer vegetables
    in yuzukosho dressing

  • Scallop and flat bean salad with soy milk dressing

First Course

  • Assorted fritters of the day *

Main Course

*Ingredients change every day depending on the availability.