FOOD NIPPON 2014 Spring

Understanding local food is the key to unraveling the mysteries of local culture
and the landscape that helped shape it.
Through this event, we would like to present new ways of enjoying Japan’s
traditional culture and natural beauty, while introducing the producers and
craftsmen of the next generation.

The area featured in the sixth event is Shodoshima and its surrounding Islands, in Kagawa Prefecture.
The Islands of the Seto Inland Sea have been playing a role in diffusing new culture as a hub of
maritime traffic since ancient times. Blessed with the beautiful sea, bountiful nature and a mild
climate, a unique culture flourished in Shodoshima Island.

The area featured in the fifth event is Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.
When we visited the city last year, what we found was a place with a wonderful
sense of taste and craftsmanship, loved by artists of the 20th century.

'Sakura Works' is the only licensed company producing furniture by George Nakashima
in Japan, producing solid wood furniture of exceptional quality since its founding in 1948.

A restaurant run by the chef Ryushi Matsuoka, who has worked with great effort
to revive the heritage of Sanuki cuisine, was once a favorite place of Isamu Noguchi.

in their history and the arts & crafts of the area.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Event Schedule

< Spring > Takamatsu, Kagawa

3rd ~ 15th March [event finished]

< Summer > Shodoshima Island etc., Kagawa

2nd ~ 14th June [event finished]

< Autumn > Hokkaido vol.1

1st ~ 13th September

< Winter > Hokkaido vol.2

1st ~ 13th December

FOOD NIPPON 2014 Spring Special Dinner Course

Taste palette of Kagawa Prefecture / Red bean dumpling in white miso soup / 'Kankan' sushi /
Braised conger eel and tofu / Deep-fried pufferfish / Sanuki udon / Sweets

Lunch course ¥4,000 / Dinner course ¥8,200

(Inc. TAX, Exc. drinks)

* Our regular menu is also available.

* As part of our dinner course, some items will also be available a la carte.

* Selected pieces of tableware for purchase will be on exhibit in the salon space
during the event.

Reservations and inquiries
TEL. +81 3 5720 1300