FOOD NIPPON 2014 Summer

Understanding local food is the key to unraveling the mysteries of local culture
and the landscape that helped shaped it.
Through this event, we would like to present new ways of enjoying Japan’s traditional culture
and natural beauty, while introducing the producers and craftsmen of the next generation.

The area featured in the sixth event is Shodoshima and its surrounding Islands, in Kagawa Prefecture.
The Islands of the Seto Inland Sea have been playing a role in diffusing new culture as a hub of
maritime traffic since ancient times. Blessed with the beautiful sea, bountiful nature and a mild
climate, a unique culture flourished in Shodoshima Island.

It has been over 150 years since ‘Yamaroku soy sauce’ was established in Shodoshima Island.
Yasuo Yamamoto, the fifth generation owner of Yamaroku soy sauce, is concerned that the traditional
brewing culture using Kioke (wooden tubs) is vanishing and feels the need to preserve this age-old technique.

He launched the ‘Kioke craftsman revival project’ in 2012 and has dedicated himself to the production
of Kioke, which exists only in Japan. He endeavors to pass the culture of making natural soy sauce
brewed in Kioke tubs down to the next generation.

We are happy to introduce you the rich food culture of Shodoshima Island and the Islands of the Seto
Inland Sea. This month, we will be using an artisanal soy sauce from ‘Yamakuro soy sauce,’
called ‘Tsurubishio,’ which undergoes natural fermentation and is brewed in Kioke tubs for four years.

The menu will also feature unique, handmade somen noodles made with sesame oil, as well as olives,
which have been cultivated for more than 100 years in Shodoshima Island, where olive-growing
originated in Japan.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Event Schedule

< Spring > Takamatsu, Kagawa

3rd ~ 15th March [event finished]

< Summer > Shodoshima Island etc., Kagawa

2nd ~ 14th June [event finished]

< Autumn > Hokkaido vol.1

1st ~ 13th September

< Winter > Hokkaido vol.2

1st ~ 13th December

FOOD NIPPON 2014 Summer Special Dinner Course

Taste palette of Kagawa Prefecture / Somen noodle with eggplant /
Sanuki salmon and strawberry salad with lemon dressing / Octopus from the Seto Inland Sea /
Chargrilled Olive beef / Sea bream rice / ‘Omelet-Sand’ sweets

Lunch course ¥4,000 / Dinner course ¥8,200

(Inc. TAX, Exc. drinks)

* Our regular menu is also available.

* As part of our dinner course, some items will also be available a la carte.

* Selected pieces of tableware for purchase will be on exhibit in the salon space
during the event.

Reservations and inquiries
TEL. +81 3 5720 1300