FOOD NIPPON 2014 Winter

Understanding local food is the key to unraveling the mysteries of local culture and the landscape that helped shape it.

FOOD NIPPON is our series of seasonal events focused on "rediscovering Japanese food culture." Since 2013, we have been gathering stories from around Japan that tell of the richness of this country, delving into foods and customs, and learning from our ancestors' wisdom and ingenious adaptations, which have been passed down through generations.

In this eighth edition of FOOD NIPPON, we delve into the food culture of Donan, or Southern Hokkaido, as shared with us by local growers, makers and craftsmen. We will be introducing selected food ingredients, sake and tableware, specifically chosen for their ability to convey the richness and appeal of the region.

In Makkarimura, situated in the foothills of Yoteizan, we came across vegetable growers who really make the most of this region’s unique natural environment with its plentiful spring water, rich volcanic soil offering excellent drainage, and extremely heavy snowfalls. Here, local wisdom has created a method whereby vegetables are stored beneath the deep snow to maximize their sweetness.

With its exotic streetscape, Hakodate was the backdrop for several fascinating encounters. The Tachikawa Family House, built more than 100 years ago, was fashioned on a warehouse with thick mortar walls. Today it is home to the TACHIKAWA CAFÉ, where Chef Murai offers wild game cuisine, serving dishes of duck and Ezoshika Hokkaido venison that he has hunted himself. Deer-hunting with Chef Murai was an incredible opportunity to reflect again on the importance of coexisting with nature.

We also met with some incredibly enterprising artists in Hakodate. We will be showcasing some truly unique pieces of tableware they have created incorporating ideas from various cultures.

There is so much to offer this winter, from the deliciously sweet vegetables of Makkarimura to deer hunted in the Komagatake region, and the plentiful catches of shellfish from Funka Bay brought in to port at Morimachi.

We invite you to come and enjoy the rich food culture offered by the wise people who call this incredible region home.

We are looking forward to your visit.

FOOD NIPPON 2014 Winter Special Dinner Course

Taste palette of Hokkaido/Puréed celeriac soup/Chicken and savoy cabbage roll/
Soup with Pacific cod and vegetables/Chargrilled Ezoshika venison /
Steamed rice topped with salmon roe/Lily bulb ice cream

Lunch course ¥4,000 / Dinner course ¥8,200

(Inc. TAX, Exc. drinks)

* Our regular menu is also available.

* As part of our dinner course, some items will also be available a la carte.

* Selected pieces of tableware for purchase will be on exhibit in the salon space
during the event.

Reservations and inquiries
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During the FOOD NIPPON 2014 Winter edition, there will be an exhibition at our sister shop HIGASHIYA GINZA featuring the crafts of Hokkaido.

On display, you will find wooden implements made from Hokkaido-grown Sen and Japanese pagoda tree wood, as well as pottery made from yellow sand clay, which accumulated in the region ages ago.

Please come and visit us.

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