We serve simple, honest Japanese food bringing out the best in the ingredients through the changing seasons.
We also provide a wide selection of sake, shochu, wine, tea and other beverages to pair perfectly with your food.

Seasonal Menu January 2020

from January 7th to 18th

Seasonal dish

Charbroiled chicken with black bean sauce


  • Deep-fried monkfish and monkfish liver
    in miso soup

  • Roasted duck and rapeseed blossoms
    with sesame sauce

  • Deep-fried oysters in dashi broth

  • Crab, herring roe and napa cabbage salad
    with yuzukosho dressing

First Course

  • Assorted fritters of the day *

Main Course

*Ingredients change every day depending on the availability.
**Minimum order for two people.