We request customers who visit HIGASHI-YAMA Tokyo to fill in a “Customer Registration Card.”
(In the event a customer has provided a business card, this may be used instead.)

With regards to all customer information recorded on the “Customer Registration Card,” including name, address, phone number, workplace, and email address (hereafter “personal information”), we are committed to the following privacy policy.

This policy also pertains to customers who have subscribed to HIGASHI-YAMA Tokyo Mail News through our website.

  • 1. Purpose and Intended Use of Personal Information

    At HIGASHI-YAMA Tokyo, we collect personal information for the following purposes. We will not use personal information for any other purpose than stated below.

    • a) To create a customer database
    • b) To make contact and direct enquiries to customers
    • c) To send email and direct mail updates from HIGASHI-YAMA Tokyo and its affiliates
    • d) To create statistical data
  • 2. Management of Personal Information

    We are committed to the secure storage and management of all personal information such as “Customer Registration Cards” and our customer database, and we will not provide personal information to a third party without the prior consent of a customer. However, there may be cases when personal information is provided to an appropriate third party, consistent with the purposes and intended uses of information as shown in 1. In such cases, we will select a trader who will manage the personal information in an appropriate and secure manner, and enter in to a non-disclosure agreement with that trader.

  • 3. Disclosure, Modification or Deletion of Personal Information

    Please direct any enquiries as to the disclosure, modification or deletion of personal information to our restaurant. We will respond to the request after confirming it is from the relevant individual.

  • 4. Revisions to Privacy Policy

    Parts of this privacy policy may be reviewed and altered as necessary without prior notice. When changes have occurred, we will notify customers through our website.